KEENE ~ Kurt D. Springs presents and signs his Dreamscape Warriors Series!

Saturday, July 6, 2024 - 11:00am to 1:00pm

The Keene Toadstool Hosts

Kurt D. Springs

presenting & autographing the

Dreamscape Warriors Series

Saturday, July 6th at 11 am


What is the Price of Vengeance? One could understand why Liam is angry. Orphaned at the age of two by a group of giant carnivorous insects called the chitin, he was adopted by High Councilor Marcus and his wife, Lidia, and raised with their older son, Randolf, in New Olympia, the last remaining city on the planet Etrusci. As an adult, Liam becomes a soldier. After being cut off from the city, he finds that there is an alien intelligence behind the chitin. To defeat it, he must discover who he is and how to use his powers. When Liam discovers that a traitor responsible for his birth parents' deaths has also murdered his beloved foster parents, he might find that the price he has to pay in his quest for vengeance will prove to be an even more unbeatable foe.

Major Liam O'Connor is a hero in his own right. He is descended from a family of heroes. Now he will be tested. Now he will become legend. The Rebel faction lead by Marshal Kergan has seized Treespo, the fifth moon around the fourth planet of Beta Proximus. Treespo is a major source for valuable rare metal elements. With all other Alliance forces out of position, Liam's Special Operations Company has been attached to the New Terran Marine Corps Third Division. Their job is to provide the spearhead to retake Treespo.

There is an old Marine saying: "No plan ever survives its first encounter with the enemy." Treachery kills all senior officers in Third Division, leaving Liam in command. With humans of Terran, Neo-Etruscan, and Finnian descent looking to him to keep them alive, Liam must reach deep inside himself. Failure leaves the bulk of the galaxy's rare metal elements in Kergan's hands. If Liam succeeds, he will find himself an heir to his family's legacy of cunning, their legacy of courage, their Legacy of Valor.

Kurt D. Springs is an adjunct professor of anthropology and archaeology in New Hampshire. He holds a PhD. in anthropology from the State University of New York at Buffalo, as well as a Master of Literature in archaeology from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and a Master of Liberal Arts in anthropology and archaeology from the Harvard University Extension School. His main area of interest is megalithic landscapes in prehistoric Ireland.

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