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Philip and Alexander: Kings and Conquerors By Adrian Goldsworthy Cover Image
ISBN: 9781541602625
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Published: Basic Books - October 18th, 2022

Alexander the Great, a near god-like figure known for his brilliant military mind and impressive conquests, vastly overshadows his predecessor and father, Philip II. In his epic narrative history, Goldsworthy tells the story of a 78-year rule of father and son who reshaped the ancient world leaving marks visible some 2000 years later. Acknowledging the, at times, poorly documented and highly speculative nature of the Ancient World, Goldsworthy opts to provide all available accounts and provide the most realistic scenarios. A refreshing twist on a frequently sensationalized time period where reality often out-plays imagination with epic battles, elephant mounted warriors, and grandeur beyond conception.

Garrett - March 2023