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Peterborough - The Thing In The Spring - the literary events

The Thing In The Spring? What's it all about? - find out here

Eric Gagne, who you will find in our CD department in Peterborough, is one of the founders of "The Thing In The Spring"  and puts together the amazing programming.  Here's his description of what's happening here in Peterborough.

   The Toadstool is one of the main hubs of The Thing in the Spring, so it's become a priority to us at the Glass Museum to put together an exciting reading series every year, and with the growing popularity of the event, as well as substantial help from David Macy and the MacDowell Colony, we've got some fantastic folks coming this time around.

Things kick off at 4pm on Thursday June 7th with area resident and southern BBQ aficionado, Michelle Aldredge, along with past MacDowell fellow Corwin Levi, discussing their new book of re-imagined Grimm's Fairy Tales: Mirror Mirrored. It's a miracle of an artist's book featuring a wild roster from Kiki Smith to DJ Spooky, and you should certainly pick it up in advance so that when you have access to the curators of this menagerie, you have thought out some decent questions.
Friday June 8th at 4pm, it's the first of two killer poetry readings. Starting off will be naturalist and chessman Henry Walters, who I have been wanting to see read ever since I came across his work here in the Toadstool. In the middle spot will be Bill Doreski, a criminally underappreciated craftsman living right here in our midst. I've known Bill for around twenty years now, and his writing is made of sure, measured, and clean strikes. Brings to mind a lifelong lumberjack, who has tuned their stroke with quiet determination over seasons in the wood. To close out Friday's lineup is past MacDowell fellow Rage Hezekiah. Her poems imbue ordinary scenes with a deep memory, which to me is the great time traveler. The work has a rhythm that transcends any singsonginess, instead baring a simplicity and ease to each thought, whether a sentence continues, breaths placed strategically, or in the case of a more staccato delivery. Either way, the poems consider not only the reader, but the reading.
Amanda Petrusich returns Saturday June 9th at 11am. Amanda is one of our great contemporary critical voices, and a compelling and arresting music writer. She has captured many moments for the New Yorker; Prince, Kanye West. Kendrick Lamar, Courtney Barnett, John  Fahey, you name it. If it's happening in music, Amanda Petrusich is writing about it. Joining Amanda, and closing out Saturday's program, is Nigerian writer Ayobami Adebayo. Luckily she is flying in that week to begin a residency at MacDowell! Her newest novel, Stay With Me, is a masterpiece of emotional brutality. It dissects family, marriage, and loss all against, almost incidentally, the backdrop of political upheaval in Nigeria. I just read this thing and it is a serious ripper.
The final entry in our 2018 program is also a poetry reading, Sunday June 10th at 11am.  Alice B. Fogel, poet Laureate of the state of New Hampshire, will be headlining a strong lineup of women. Fogel's poetry utilizes a keen mastery of imagery, carving a pastoral scene from heavy emotional landscapes. Marilyn Nelson, celebrated poet and teacher, will also be on board for this reading. Ms. Nelson champions the under-represented and her poems are as much history lessons as they are lessons of the heart. Opening the day will be Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Brooklyn artist, musician, and poet. Her work examines what is called "the long goodbye of the 20th century", and I couldn't come up with a better way to say it than that, so there you go! She's great, and along with these other two powerful women, it's one heck of a close to the reading series. Also, Aesop's will be open during the readings, so that's a great thing too!
Event date: 
Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 4:00pm to Sunday, June 10, 2018 - 11:00am
Event address: 
12 Depot Sq
Peterborough, NH 03458

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