Milford - Local Authors Open House!

Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 3:00pm

Please join us in welcoming several local writers to the Toadstool. They'll be sharing their creative process and answer your questions about the publishing world. This is a great opportunity to pick up a signed book and earn bragging rights to say "you knew them when" (anybody remember Dan Brown?) and perhaps gather ideas to launch your own book project!

Authors visiting us today cover a wide range of genres:

Andrew Wichland (science fiction) presents, "Wild Hearts: The Coming Night":
Ian Dragan can still remember life before the Wraiths came. Now, the spectral aliens have lain waste to the galaxy, consuming every planet in their path. Next in line is Dragan's homeworld: Centauries IV. The remnants of the intergalactic alliance have placed their hope in the latest brainchild of Shurgal: the Cybersuit, a shifting experimental battlesuit bristling with weaponry. On the front lines of his home, Dragan stands alongside this metal warrior, ready to fight and die. But he did not anticipate Overlord Kizor.

About Andrew:
Andrew Wichland is a twenty-eight-year-old living on the spectrum who grew up in rural Sandwich, New Hampshire. His autism made fitting into his community difficult, especially in high school, where he found comfort and support in tales of wizards, dragons, and the depths of space, and other fantasy series. Wichland's imagination offered a safe place when he needed to escape. He now writes stories to let his dreams soar.

Irene DuPont (regional history) has updated her original picture book, "Spanning Time: New Hampshire's Covered Bridges & The Old Man of the Mountain":
The revised 2nd edition of author's silver-print photographic collection of covered bridges throughout New Hampshire makes a great gift. This new edition also includes a tribute section to the former Old Man of the Mountain rock profile in New Hampshire's Franconia Notch State Park.

Irene also creates her own recycled art notecards. Check them out!

About Irene:
Irene E. DuPont received her B.A. from Notre Dame College, attended the Art Institute of Boston, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Hallmark Institute of Photography, and summer sessions at the Maine Photographic Workshop. She was a faculty member of the Nashua School District for thirty-five years and taught in both the public and private sectors. In 1993 she was a recipient for a C-SPAN National Teacher of the Year Award for “Innovative Use of Cable in the Classroom.” Irene is a juried member of both the Craftworkers Guild of Bedford, New Hampshire, and New Hampshire Made.

Deborah Monk (contemporary fiction) introduces, "Well-Behaved Woman Coming Undone":
On her fortieth birthday, Jodi is an emotional time bomb waiting for the results of an unexpected pregnancy test. As the daughter of an alcoholic, she is all about control and doing everything right. Repression and denial have created her 'Happily Ever After'. Except now she is forced to face that she isn’t as happy as she pretends to be. Terrified of becoming like her mother, Jodi must find the courage to unravel family secrets to discover her own truth. As old behaviors threaten to resurface, fining the strength to peel back the bandages of generational wounds just might reveal her deepest fears. Will she have the guts to cleanse the wounds before she passes them on to her teenage daughter? Or will the legacy of family pain continue?

Deborah will also be presenting some lovely hand-crafted gift books in boxed editions - perfect for the holidays!

About Deborah:
My Mantra – I am a spiritual being having a human experience
My Favorite Kind of Interaction – Win & Win
What I Hate the Most – Bullies
My Favorite Accessory – Rose-colored Glasses
My Best Strength – I never give up.
My Vulnerability – I am lonely… a lot
Three of My Favorite Things – Books, Music, Skin Contact
My Biggest Fear – I’m not afraid of the deep end, I’m afraid of shallow living
My Wish – That we all find our tribe and feel connected


Event address: 
Lorden Plaza (upper bldg)
614 Nashua St ~ Ph 673-1734
Milford, NH 03055
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