KEENE - Three Books, Three Authors and a Bookseller

Saturday, August 23, 2014 - 2:00pm

An open discussion among three people who write novels and a bookseller who supports their efforts.

Join us in welcoming Sarah Dupeyron, David Chase, and John T. Hitchner who will be talking with Lincoln Wert about their books, writing, and the challenges of publishing today.

Sarah Dupeyron, Hashimoto Blues

Ellie Fox, quirky pilot, mechanical genius, and drug smuggler, never thinks ahead to the consequences of her actions. When her boyfriend asks her to play “play a Game,” his term for one of his  crazy criminal ideas, Ellie agrees and the two of them wind up on the hit list of a Japanese crime lord.

John T. Hitchner, The Acolyte

Was "the touch" upon David Harper's shoulder a divine experience, or was it a figment of his imagination? As David attempts to come to grips with that question, he must endure other challenges of youth, including bullying, alcohol, tragedy, and first love.

David Chase, Grants Ferry

Following a thirty-year abscence, Kenneth Forbes is summoned back to hi home town, Grants Ferry, Vermont, to settle his recently deceased Aunt Fanny's estate. Still furious at his escape all those years ago, Fanny takes elaborate revenge through her will.

Lincoln Wert, Toadstool Bookshop bookseller.

Bookseller at three companies, in five locations, on two coast for over eighteen years.Current Events Coordinator at the Keene location of the Toadstool Bookshops.


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222 West St.
03431 Keene