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KEENE - Andrew Wichland brings us the first two books in his YA series THE DRAGON KNIGHT CHRONICLES

Join us in welcoming Andrew Wichland to our store where he will be signing the first two books in the Dragon Knight Chronicles a series for young adults, The Awakening and Blood Calls.

In The Awakening: Today is Alec-Ryuu's thirteenth birthday. Today he takes his final test in preparation for joining the resistance against the dreaded and powerful Black Dragon.

Nonmagical beings have been forced into hiding by the dragon's rule, and Alec-Ryuu's small village lives under the constant threat of exposure and enslavement. Alec-Ryuu, or Ryuu as he prefers to be called, is not your average human. He is the son of a being of great power-stronger, smarter, and faster than friends and rivals alike.

A gold-embroidered box in a cliffside cave sits waiting for Ryuu and his friends. The box's contents offer the strength to finally strike back at the Black Dragon, should the young warriors have the opportunity.

But that opportunity may be over before it begins. Emissaries of the Black Dragon have discovered Ryuu's village, and the time has come for the ultimate choice: surrender to a life of slavery, or fight-and possibly die-for freedom.

A fascinating mix of fantasy, science fiction, and mythology, Dragon Knight Chronicles begins the story of Ryuu's struggle against the most powerful being in the galaxy.

In Blood Calls: After the Black Dragon's forces destroy their planet of Amal, Robin and his friends LJ, Willa, Tuck, and Much speed through hyperspace, trying to determine their next course of action. Robin feels enormously guilty for not being able to save his father or his planet, but changes are soon to come that will test his limits once again...

When the crew disembarks on a strange trade planet, a feeling comes over Robin as he sees a young girl being taken away as a slave. He suddenly realizes that this is his long-lost sister, and is determined to do whatever is necessary in order to rescue and protect her. This sets into motion a chain reaction that changes the course of Robin's and his friends' lives forever and brings them closer than they would have ever dared venture toward their ultimate enemy: the Black Dragon.

Book 2 of the Dragon Knight Chronicles takes readers on another wild ride through the world of Robin and the Dragon Knights, deftly melding fantasy and science fiction in a way that fascinates the heart and satisfies the mind.

Andrew Wichland grew up in rural Sandwich, New Hampshire, with his family. When he's not writing, Wichland enjoys spending time with his family, in town or at home, and walking through the forests surrounding his peaceful residence. Wichland is on the autism spectrum, which has presented its own challenges and made fitting in difficult - especially when he was in high school. He was always able to find comfort in fantasy series such as Harry Potter, Animorphs, and Eragon. His imagination was his safe space, and now, he uses it to craft incredible stories that he can share with the world.

Event date: 
Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 2:00pm
Event address: 
12 Emerald St.
the corner of Emerald and Main
Keene, NH 03431
Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 1: The Awakening Cover Image
ISBN: 9781519715920
Availability: In Stock, Click Title for Location
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - May 28th, 2016

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