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Sowing Chaos (Kobo eBook)

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In early 2011, Libya came under attack by NATO countries purporting to engage in a humanitarian intervention to protect the Libyan people. In actuality, this was part of a larger-scale Western strategy to redesign the entire Middle East to suit its interests. This book addresses Libyan history of the last hundred years, from the main phases of the Italian military occupation (1911-1943) to the dramatic events of our own times, including an account of the post-war monarchy, Gaddafi’s rise to power, the air strikes on Tripoli and Benghazi ordered by Reagan in 1986, and the Lockerbie affair. Sensini exposes the 2011 misrepresentations by the mainstream media, major NGOs and even the International Criminal Court that sought to legitimize the NATO attack. He takes a close look at the Western organized and financed “rebels†in Benghazi who provided the pretext for UN approval of Resolution1973 embodying the new so-called “responsibility to protect†(R2P) doctrine. This criminal intervention devastated Libya, unleashing a civil war unlikely to cease in the near future. Sensini sheds light on the role of Hillary Clinton and the 11 September 2012 murder of American Ambassador Chris Stevens. The R2P upshot? Untold waves of migrants seeking to flee the continental chaos, leading to thousands of deaths and drownings across the Mediterranean, and the potential destabilization of Europe. “Dismissing the claim that the West’s Gaddafi-killing intervention in Libya, which played a big role in the chaos in the Middle East, was for humanitarian reasons, this book explains the real reasons. Of special interest is the author’s discussion of the central role played by “the ever-destructive Hillary Clinton.†– David Ray Griffin,
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ISBN-13: 9780986085383
Publisher: Clarity Press
Publication Date: January 5th, 2010

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