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Andean Adventures: An Unexpected Search for Meaning, Purpose and Discovery Across Three Countries (Paperback)

Andean Adventures: An Unexpected Search for Meaning, Purpose and Discovery Across Three Countries By Allan J. Alonzo Wind Cover Image
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Life is all about Surviving the Lessons and Growing from Them.

Shot at, arrested, threatened and endangered - Author Allan J. Wind survived incredible and unexpected dangers as a global humanitarian volunteer and lived to share the powerful lessons he learned on his travels.
If you're struggling to find inspiration and motivation because of the challenging events going on in the world, this book is a reminder that there are many remarkable stories of people out there who do care and whose generosity is changing the world.

Service is a calling - and a challenge for us.

Words have power. Let the words of Andean Adventures take you into a world beyond what you may have ever seen and experienced.

From Brooklyn New York to the Andes Mountains, you'll get a front seat to the incredible stories as the author traveled and lived in Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru.

"Doctor Alonzo" - as he was newly nicknamed - found himself surrounded by indigenous peasant leaders and communities in raucous tribal celebrations, social movements for change, wonders of nature and marvels of human kindness and romance while hitchhiking to the very tip of South America and its glaciers and penguins.

Along the way, there were unexpected dangers - near-death illness in the jungle, getting shot at in a police-military crossfire, an arrest and detention behind bars by an anti-American colonel looking to jail some gringos, tear gas and police truncheons from Nazi-influenced fascists in Chile, terrorist car bombs in Peru and an expulsion order by a drugs & thugs U.S. Ambassador in Bolivia when he got in the way of illicit spying.

"Doctor Alonzo" candidly shares his story of discovery and adventure among the peoples of the Andes. With simple honesty, "Doctor Alonzo" tells the tale of his own enlightenment to inspire others to be of service and for the next generation to dedicate themselves to the principles of working to build a better tomorrow.

Here you will find storytelling interwoven with a memoir of public health, community development service, and spiritual discovery overseas in Peace Corps and nongovernmental organizations and USAID, sharing with self-deprecating humor, his unusual experiences across the Andes and Latin America. Full of anecdotes and some remarkable stories from different South American countries.

You will find as well reflections on the role and place for foreign aid, on religion, and on other topics many of us spend time questioning and dealing with. For some, a provocative discussion and meditation on searching for meaning and purpose after college. A story of successes, failures, redemption, challenges, faith, and perseverance.

Available in ebook, paperback and Audible Audiobook, as well as a Spanish translation edition titled "Aventuras Andinas".

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Product Details
ISBN: 9798671778915
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 27th, 2020
Pages: 282
Language: English

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