The Singer's Crown: The Author's Cut (Paperback)

The Singer's Crown: The Author's Cut By Elaine Isaak Cover Image

The Singer's Crown: The Author's Cut (Paperback)


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Must Kattanan sacrifice his song to win his kingdom, and the woman he loves?

When his uncle murders his family, only Prince Kattanan is left alive . . .at a terrible cost. Mutilated and trained as a singer, Kattanan travels from patron to patron until he finds himself once more very close to home. Given as a courtship gift to Princess Melisande, Kattanan feels the stirring of emotions long denied him. But her fianc has other plans--and the means to carry them out.

Dark magic threatens both of their kingdoms. With the aid of a mysterious wizard, a disgraced prince, and the magic-breaker who once betrayed him, Kattanan must fight for the crown he never wanted and the love he never imagined he could feel.

The Author's Cut includes an additional 30,000 words over the original print edition

Product Details ISBN: 9781941107164
ISBN-10: 1941107168
Publisher: Rocinante
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2019
Pages: 576
Language: English