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Saying When: How to Quit Drinking or Cut Down (Paperback)

Saying When: How to Quit Drinking or Cut Down By Martha Sanchez-Craig, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Cover Image
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People often recognize that their drinking is causing problems in their lives long before they are ready to seek help. Knowing that there is a problem can be a good first step to cutting back or quitting drinking, but it can be hard to know what further steps to take to make changes and stick to them. Saying When presents a step-by-step program to help people cut down or stop drinking. Developed by the author Dr Martha Sanchez-Craig over 22 years at the Addiction Research Foundation, the program was designed to be used by people on their own or with counselling. The program is directed at people who experience problems related to their drinking, but who do not have a severe alcohol use disorder. Its effectiveness has been tested and proven through research and over time by people needing to gain control of their drinking. Saying When presents the self-help version of the program. This guide is especially valuable to people who wish to address their alcohol use privately, without mutual help group meetings or treatment programs. Previously published as DrinkWise, this new edition has been reviewed and endorsed by experts in substance use treatment at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. This edition features a new foreword by addiction emeritus William R. Miller and is updated with current low-risk drinking guidelines, contemporary terminology and design. Steps of the program: 1. Taking stock 2. Setting your first goal and discovering how you cope with urges to drink 3. Setting your long-term goal 4. Developing strategies to reach abstinence or moderation 5. Maintaining your progres Also in this guide: Answers to common questions about alcohol, alcohol problems and treatments. Diary charts to track drinking and urges to drink, checkup forms to track progress. Links to other treatment resources.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781770529045
ISBN-10: 1770529047
Publisher: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Publication Date: March 15th, 2015
Pages: 118
Language: English

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