Every Vote Matters: The Power of Your Voice, from Student Elections to the Supreme Court (Teens and the Law) (Paperback)

Every Vote Matters: The Power of Your Voice, from Student Elections to the Supreme Court (Teens and the Law) By Thomas A. Jacobs, Natalie Jacobs, Natalie Jacobs (Illustrator) Cover Image

Every Vote Matters: The Power of Your Voice, from Student Elections to the Supreme Court (Teens and the Law) (Paperback)


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Encourage teens to recognize the importance of voting and making their voices heard in the democratic process with this timely book focused on Supreme Court decisions that came down to a single vote. Chapters examine key Supreme Court rulings and explore how these cases have affected the lives and rights of U.S. citizens—especially teens. Using a straightforward, impartial tone, the authors take a close look at often controversial cases and at the history of voting in the United States. The emphasis is involvement in local and national elections as well as other ways to be an engaged citizen. With an accompanying digital discussion guide, the book is a perfect choice for teachers and youth leaders to offer teens in the upcoming 2016 presidential election cycle.

Thomas A. Jacobs, J.D., was an Arizona Assistant Attorney General from 1972 to 1985 where he practiced criminal and child welfare law.

He was appointed to the Maricopa County Superior Court in 1985 where he served as a judge pro tem and commissioner in the juvenile and family courts until his retirement in 2008. He also taught juvenile law for ten years as an adjunct professor at the Arizona State University School of Social Work. He continues to write for teens, lawyers, and judges.

Visit Judge Jacobs’s website, Askthejudge.info, for free interactive educational tools that provide current information regarding laws, court decisions, and national news affecting teens. It’s the only site of its kind to provide legal questions and answers for teens and parents with the unique ability to interact with Judge Jacobs and other teens.

Judge Jacobs was part of an expert panel of guests on the Dr. Phil show “Bullied to Death” in April 2010. He spoke about the anonymity of cyberbullying. A copy of his book, Teen Cyberbullying Investigated, was given to each member of the audience with Dr. Phil’s exhortation to “Read it. It will close the gap between you and what your kids know that you don’t know.”

A former criminal defense attorney, Natalie Jacobs works with her father Judge Tom on the teen rights website AsktheJudge.info helping teenagers and their parents become better informed about youth rights and the laws affecting minors.

She has volunteered with the Arizona Innocence Project which investigates claims of innocence and works to exonerate those wrongfully convicted. Natalie lives in Arizona.

Product Details ISBN: 9781631980695
ISBN-10: 1631980696
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
Publication Date: February 1st, 2016
Pages: 224
Language: English
Series: Teens and the Law
“A nice look at how much our votes can matter and the intersection between the voting participation of ordinary people and Supreme Court decisions.”
— Paul Loeb, author of Soul of a Citizen

“Tom and Natalie Jacobs make the importance of a wide array of Supreme Court rulings clear and accessible in a way that will help student discuss their government and how they can help shape it. We are in urgent need of effective civic education, and Every Vote Matters is an excellent contribution that deserves wide readership.”
— Rob Richie, executive director, FairVote

“Clear explanations, relevant supplemental cases, reader-directed questions, and suggested resources help make the legal issues at play relevant and readily accessible. . . . A fascinating window into recent U.S. legal history.”

“Exceptionally thorough examination of the voting process. This never loses sight of its target audience: many of the Supreme Court cases addressed have to do with education and juvenile rights, and each chapter ends with a ‘Talk, Think, Take Action’ section that encourages teen readers to relate the cases back to their own lives and discuss the effects of each.”
— Booklist

“An exceptional in-depth look into the power of voting and Supreme Court rulings. A fantastic addition to any library serving young adults as it offers engaging and thought-provoking information on rulings affecting their everyday lives.”