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The Impasse of Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Economic Growth vs. Governance in Angola (Paperback)

The Impasse of Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Economic Growth vs. Governance in Angola Cover Image
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Angola has experienced 41 years of violent conflict, including 14 years in its struggle for independence and 27 years of political fighting between national belligerents largely supported by the Cold War geopolitical elephants of the United States and the Soviet Union. The end of violent armed conflict in 2002 gave hope that the government would finally achieve peace and that the majority of the population would benefit. Instead, we are witnessing an era of economic growth and modernization of some urban infrastructures, but not the uplifting of human development that benefits the welfare of the people. An incredible amount of research and preparation went into this book. The findings show that the fight against poverty in post-conflict Angola requires tackling the political problem of the dominant ruling party as well as undemocratic state leadership that would inspire true democracy. What is at stake in Angola is also at stake elsewhere in Africa. Francisco Ngongo is an Angolan who has lived abroad in Africa and Europe, first as a refugee, and then as a student and on international staff. He hold a PhD from the peace studies department of the School of Social and International Studies, University of Bradford, UK. His work experience is in the field of peace building, development and policy influencing. His vision is to contribute to the building of institutions for sustainable development, peace and good governance in Africa. Publisher's Website: http: //
Product Details
ISBN: 9781618975218
ISBN-10: 1618975218
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LL
Publication Date: August 21st, 2012
Pages: 204
Language: English

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