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The Pellet Stove Almanack: Home Heating Joins the 21st Century (Paperback)

The Pellet Stove Almanack: Home Heating Joins the 21st Century By Sam Guay (Illustrator), Ken MacDonald Cover Image
By Sam Guay (Illustrator), Ken MacDonald
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Pellet stoves have an aura of mystery surrounding them. There's quite a bit of buzz about them, but accurate information is hard to obtain, and apparently conflicting claims abound. I set out a few years back, not to write a book, but to buy a pellet stove for my home. As I probed deeper, my fascination with this astonishing technology grew until I concluded that pellet stoves are what other heating systems want to be when they grow up. Nearly all conventional heating systems today are centered on post-Civil War technology. The modern pellet stove is truly the only 21st Century heat source in terms of safety, cost savings, and unparalleled comfort. Pick up this book and find out whether a pellet stove could be right for you. This is the only book around that gives in-depth consideration to all of the factors that will influence your satisfaction with a pellet stove. The reasons behind the extraordinary economy and home comfort obtainable only with a pellet stove are discussed, and there is a special section devoted to wood stove owners who are considering a switch. In many cases, even folks using "free" firewood will save money with a pellet stove. Almost as important, I realize that for some people, a pellet stove is NOT the right solution, and point out a number of "wish I'd known that beforehand" things, so that you can make an informed decision whether a new stove would fit into your lifestyle. - Ken "Growing up in the epicenter of pellet stove technology, I know that homeowners are often confused about the benefits and cost savings associated with pellet stoves. Until now, there were few resources to help homeowners choose a stove. MacDonald lends a level of clarity to this process unlike any other. Not only is The Pellet Stove Almanack enjoyable to read, homeowners looking to add a pellet stove to their home will gain a roadmap to their perfect stove purchase." Karen Harman-Smeltz, Harman Stoves.

About the Author

Ken MacDonald has been a software developer specializing in the analysis of complex scientific and commercial data systems since the 1970's. He enjoys kayaking, playing the banjo, bicycling, gourmet cooking, winter mountaineering, and travel as well as figuring out what makes things tick. He lives in New England with his lovely wife and an alarmingly grey cat.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780615745589
ISBN-10: 061574558X
Publisher: Ken MacDonald
Publication Date: January 1st, 2013
Pages: 156
Language: English

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