KEENE ~ Victor Good presents his book "The Caregivers"

Saturday, October 28, 2023 - 11:00am

The Keene Toadstool Hosts

Victor Good

presenting & signing his book

The Caregivers

Saturday, October 28th at 11 am

Alzheimer’s disease had been slowly destroying Mom’s memory and thinking abilities. Dad had been doing his best to care for her in their rural Colorado home but after many years of loving care, he finally reached the end of his abilities. To my wife, Julie and me, a solution seemed obvious: we would help Dad care for Mom. We had previously offered to build an apartment for them in our New Hampshire home. When Dad finally made the request for help, he added one more item, to do our best to keep he and Mom out of nursing homes. So began our caregiving journey, which was to consume us for the next eight years. A few weeks after their arrival, Dad was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease. Just months later, Julie’s mother broke her hip and moved into a spare bedroom. Julie and I had been businesspeople. Because we had no prior training in this type of caregiving, we had to learn, often the hard way, about everything from diapering to dickering with insurance providers. Our task was frequently overwhelming but with plenty of love, laughter and hugs, and plenty of ups and downs, we did it! The Caregivers offers readers an unvarnished look at the caregiving experience—the mistakes, the missteps, & the big and little victories.

Victor Good, a lifetime entrepreneur lives with a “never–say–never” attitude. Prior to becoming a caregiver his wide-ranging enterprises included landscape architecture, luxury real estate management, politics, electric cars, concert promotions and aerospace marketing. He and his wife Julie have been married for nearly three decades.

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12 Emerald St.
Keene, NH 03431