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Milford - Local Authors Open House!

Please join us in welcoming several local writers to the store. They'll be sharing their creative process, books, and be available to sign copies and answer your questions about the publishing world. This is a great opportunity to pick up a signed book and earn bragging rights to say "you knew them when" and perhaps gather ideas for how to launch your own book project!

Authors visiting us today cover a wide range of genres:

Andrew Wichland, author of the fantasy series, The Dragon Knight Chronicles. From book 1 The Awakening:
Today is Alec-Ryuu’s thirteenth birthday. Today he takes his final test in preparation for joining the resistance against the dreaded and powerful Black Dragon.
Non-magical beings have been forced into hiding by the dragon’s rule, and Alec-Ryuu’s small village lives under the constant threat of exposure and enslavement. Alec-Ryuu, or Ryuu as he prefers to be called, is not your average human. He is the son of a being of great power—stronger, smarter, and faster than friends and rivals alike.
A gold embroidered box in a cliff-side cave sits waiting for Ryuu and his friends. The box’s contents offer the strength to finally strike back at the Black Dragon, should the young warriors have the opportunity.
But that opportunity may be over before it begins. Emissaries of the Black Dragon have discovered Ryuu’s village, and the time has come for the ultimate choice: surrender to a life of slavery, or fight—and possibly die—for freedom.
A fascinating mix of fantasy, science fiction, and mythology, Dragon Knight Chronicles begins the story of Ryuu’s struggle against the most powerful being in the galaxy.
Andrew Wichland is a twenty-eight-year-old living on the spectrum who grew up in rural Sandwich, New Hampshire. His autism made fitting into his community difficult, especially in high school, where he found comfort and support in Harry Potter, Animorphs, Eragon, and other fantasy series.
Wichland’s imagination offered a safe place when he needed to escape. He now writes stories to let his dreams soar.

Patricia Hale will present her debut novel of suspense, The Church of the Holy Child:
A woman with a history of domestic abuse is missing. Her sister hires private investigators Griff Cole and Britt Callahan.
When the woman is found dead, her husband is charged, but when a second body appears showing the same wounds, questions arise and what looked like a slam-dunk becomes anyone’s guess. The case goes to John Stark, a veteran cop and close friend of Griff Cole.
The bodies are piling up, and one person knows where the killer is. Father Francis, a priest at The Church of the Holy Child, listens to the killer’s disturbed account of each murder and wrestles with the vows that bind him to secrecy.
The case takes an unexpected and personal turn when Cole’s ex-wife goes missing and a connection to his past points to the killer.
About Patricia - "When I told my dad that I wanted to write, he told me that writers don’t make any money. Paid for or not, the words still have to be put to the page. And so… I’m a writer with a day job and split my time between the characters in my head and the ones I work with at a holistic veterinary hospital. When the computer is off, I’m hiking or snowshoeing with my dogs or if it’s summer, kayaking on one of New England’s beautiful lakes. I am a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance and NH Writers Project. I received an MFA degree from Goddard College in Vermont and currently live in New Hampshire with my husband, our German Shepherd, one bossy Beagle and a grumpy, old cat."

Matt Forrest Esenwine - Children's Picture Book Author
Flashlight Night is an ode to the power of imagination and the wonder of books. Three children use a flashlight to light a path around their backyard at night; in the flashlight's beam another world looms. Our heroes encounter spooky woods, a fearsome tiger, a time-forgotten tomb, an Egyptian god, a sword-fighting pirate, and a giant squid. With ingenuity, they vanquish all, then return to their tree house--braver, closer, and wiser than before--to read the books that inspired their adventure.
"I have been a voice artist for over 20 years, so you may hear me on a national hotel chain’s on-hold telephone message one minute, and a local car dealer’s television commercial the next! I’ve been in recording studios, on theater stages, and in front of TV cameras as well, and have always managed to leave before security arrived.
At various times throughout my life, I’ve also been an actor, copy writer, DJ, country dance instructor, news reporter, cook, telemarketer, ice cream scooper, and photography sales dude…and through it all, I have yet to figure out how to make a living doing any of this.
Just to back up for a moment, I discovered poetry when I was in high school. Yes, I had read children’s poetry when I was young, but I never really paid attention to poetry until high school. Then a free-verse poem I wrote was selected for inclusion in a local college's literary magazine – and I was hooked!"
Matt will be here along with more of his titles to discuss and sign. He too makes his home right here in New Hampshire.

Jessie Salisbury is a local writer making a return trip with her new romance novel, No Coming Back.
Rich is recovering from an accident he blames on his stepfather Jim. The injury has left him in pain, unable to play baseball, and may prevent him from ever returning to teaching physical education, a profession he loves.
Laura, now a nurse, knew Rich in high school and they reconnect in the emergency room. She knows how he should be, could be again. Will he accept her help?
Ken, Rich’s stepbrother, has always known he would one day take over the family business, but will his father ever allow him to do so? And Ken can’t free himself from a teenage infatuation with his stepsister Wendy who has married someone else. And now Wendy’s marriage is in trouble and she is looking to Ken for support.
Susan, Laura’s cousin, saw Ken at a ballgame and fell instantly and hopelessly in love. But how can she meet him?
And Jim, who has always controlled everything in his life, is watching his family disintegrate. Is there any way that he can let go in order to keep them?
"I have been a romance writer most of my life, beginning in high school, but mostly short stories. My first published stories were in local anthologies. "Orchard Hill" is my first published novel. I write an equal amount of fantasy and am looking for a publisher for a series.
I don't consider romance writing a second career since I am still writing for the local paper. It is more of a co-career. I am a journalist and have lived in southern New Hampshire most of my life. For over 40 years I been covering several small towns and currently write part time for The Cabinet in Milford, both news reporting and features plus some photography. Most of my fiction writing, before happening on romantic novels, was short stories on life in New England, our history and small town foibles."

Event date: 
Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 3:00pm
Event address: 
Lorden Plaza (upper bldg)
614 Nashua St ~ Ph 673-1734
Milford, NH 03055
The Church of the Holy Child Cover Image
ISBN: 9781940758596
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Intrigue Publishing LLC - September 25th, 2017

No Coming Back Cover Image
ISBN: 9781682913956
Availability: In Stock, Click Title for Location
Published: Soul Mate Publishing - September 12th, 2017

Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 1: The Awakening Cover Image
ISBN: 9781519715920
Availability: In Stock, Click Title for Location
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - May 28th, 2016

Dragon Knight Chronicles Book 2: Blood Calls Cover Image
ISBN: 9781546580515
Availability: In Stock, Click Title for Location
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - September 29th, 2017

Flashlight Night Cover Image
ISBN: 9781629794938
Availability: In Stock, Click Title for Location
Published: Boyds Mills Press - September 19th, 2017

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