Wednesday December 31, 2014
Start: 12/31/2014 6:00 pm

Our Socrates Cafe meets each month for philosophic discussion. New members and curious thinkers are always welcome to join the forum!

NOREEN STRAUCH has offered to moderate the group and is looking for people to jump-start the 'cafe'. Please contact her at 603-673-6948 for more information.

Next meeting ??? The Socrates Cafe has been one our longest running groups here at the store. We'd love to see thinking reignited!



Thursday January 15, 2015
Start: 01/15/2015 6:30 pm

The Classics Crowd meets every other month on the third* Thursday to discuss books voted on by concensus. Join them for lively chats on treasured favorites, or discover a new gem. Interested members are always welcome. Don't be shy!

Next meeting: JANUARY 15, 2015 it's Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

*almost every 3rd Thursday, sometimes they move the meeting up or down a week to accomodate the most members. Call to confirm if you are interested in attending.




Sunday February 01, 2015
Start: 02/01/2015 1:00 pm

Please join Anne Desrosiers and The NOVEL READERS Book Group when they meet here and discuss the books they've chosen by concensus on the first Sunday of each month.

Anyone interested is welcome to join. Feel free to contact Anne for more information at 883-2574.

See you next year readers!

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